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Go With Your Gut!

There are times in our lives when we must make life-altering decisions that bring us into alignment with what we truly desire to do. For some people, like self-proclaimed “Fire Starter” Caytie Langford, whom I interviewed in Season One, Episode 4 of my podcast "The Aliah Henry Show", something as life-changing as making a decision to leave one's job can become so scary that it manifests in the body as a health issue.

The now executive coach, TEDx speaker and owner of Caytie Langford and Associates, LLC was under so much stress back then over whether to stay at her job or leave that a routine dental appointment unexpectedly revealed how dangerously high her blood pressure had become. “I went to the dentist,” Caytie recalled, “and my dental hygienist, who I’d known for years, took my blood pressure. II was always super normal; and after she took my blood pressure, she said, ‘What’s wrong with you?’” Of course, Caytie was caught by surprise: “What do you mean? What are you talking about?” The dental hygienist informed her that she was in the danger zone and was very worried, even suggesting that Caytie go see her doctor. That health scare was all the wake-up call she required. “The stress that I was feeling about making this decision, whether to leave or not leave, was manifesting in my body in really negative health ways.” Caytie listened to her body and went with her gut!

"Our ego tells us, 'Don't do it, it's too scary,'" Caytie said. "But I also believe that when you do take that first step in faith, the resources appear, the people you're supposed to meet appear... You might not see how the path is going to unfold, but you do have to just listen to your gut." And in Caytie's case, she honestly didn't know what the next step for her was going to be.

"I was that person that would tell you, 'You never leave a job without something lined up,'" she shared. "Sometimes people know that they're going to make a shift. They know exactly what they're going to go into. I did not have that clarity." And although Caytie was working with a coach at the time, as far as they were concerned, "the clarity" for her was just, “Get to the place to leave the job!”

If you so happen to find yourself in a situation where your gut instincts are nudging you to make a decision without having all your ducks in a row, then go with your gut. As I shared in this very podcast interview, I also experienced a health scare which involved a three-day hospital stay that got my attention when I neglected to go with my gut. I remember being in the hospital and the doctor saying, “You have a young son. You’re healthy, you’re not overweight. You’ve got to make a change.” Please don't allow whatever inner conflict you may be experiencing to take its toll on your health and wellness.

My encouragement to you is to talk it out with someone you trust and put some plans in place to support the decision your gut instincts are prompting you to make. Whether you choose to work with a coach, a therapist, a mentor or whoever, go ahead and get the support your next move requires, so you can go with your gut and move forward with confidence.

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