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Why It Takes More Than Hard Work To Effectively Run Your Business

When it comes to lessons she has learned in how to effectively run her business over the past 13 years, fashion designer Tawni Haynes had a lot to say during our conversation in Season One, Episode 5 of my podcast ("The Aliah Henry Show"). "I definitely think it takes hard work and strategy," Tawni shared when asked what she thinks it has taken to get to where she is now. Because, as she further elaborated, "you can just work hard and [still] get nowhere."

Interestingly enough, Tawni Haynes initially started her company with $50, absolutely no formal training in fashion design, and--to this day--still does not know how to sew.

So given the success of her company, she's clearly no stranger to hard work! But being strategic in realizing the massive vision she's always had for Tawni Haynes Apparel has indeed paid off. "You can't just work hard," she said. "You have to be strategic. You have to know what to focus on, what not to focus on, when to pull back, when to hire somebody to do something and when to do it yourself."

As entrepreneurs, it can become extremely easy to get caught up in taking on way too much responsibility. Tawni even shared during our conversation the importance of knowing, as an entrepreneur, how to do everything involved with your company's operations. But, as she matter-of-fact stated, "In the day-to-day running of your business, you shouldn't be the person that does everything."

Starting out, you may not have the resources to delegate roles and responsibilities to others. So, it's quite possible that you may end up learning how to do everything initially because you actually are doing everything. But don't stay in that mode as your business grows.

According to Tawni, this is one of the most integrally important aspects of entrepreneurship that she had learn and understand. "It's almost like you have to hover over your business," she explained. "You have to be able to see what your business truly needs. You have to understand what it takes to fulfill each role. While you have to have knowledge of each role, you have to be willing to pull yourself back and put someone there."

As simple as it all sounds, the funny thing is it didn't come simply for Tawni. She had to learn it over time. "Unfortunately, when I was going through each situation," she revealed, "it didn't feel simple. It was difficult times, and I had to push through." So, for Tawni, in addition to hard work and strategy, it took determination and courage.

"Any time you're doing something different, even if it's something different for you, you're doing something your own way," Tawni said, "that takes a lot of courage, especially when you feel like you don't have the support you need." And as a woman of great faith, Tawni Haynes is quick to share that "your gift plus GOD is really the most support that you need" to exhibit the courage that's required to execute your vision while effectively running your business.

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