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5 Top Tips for LinkedIn in 2021

Though often left out of the conversation, LinkedIn is a strong social media platform that can help you advance your career and promote your business. In fact, LinkedIn’s utility in lead generation is 277% more effective than Facebook. In continuing to explore strategies for specific social media platforms, let’s look at some of the top tips our team at the Henry Group have identified for thriving on LinkedIn in 2021.

1. Brand Your Profile

Personal branding is essential on all social platforms, including LinkedIn. Refresh your professional headshot, add a custom branded banner cover, and update your profile frequently to include your skills, accomplishments, experience and volunteer activities. The more complete your profile is, you will be able to stand out and attract the audience you want to network with.

2. Know Your Niche

In-line with knowing your brand is understanding your niche. First of all, what is your niche? What are valuable insights you can share within your niche community? Who are thought-leaders and organizations within the niche community that you can connect with and follow on LinkedIn? Knowing this will allow you to share content, network with like-minded people, and provide valuable information and resources within your field.

3. Remember the Golden Rule

As a networking platform, engagement with others is essential; comment and share others’ content that resonates with you, support your colleagues’ accomplishments, and give skill endorsements for peers you’ve worked with.

4. Be Consistent

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve probably heard “consistency” quite a few times, having a consistent posting schedule on LinkedIn is helpful in two ways: it makes content posting more manageable for you and allows others to know when to expect new content from you. Additionally, make sure what you post is of value to your specific niche.

5. Network Intentionally & Effectively

With most of networking being remote, LinkedIn is a safe and useful tool to expand your network from home. When sending connection requests, include a personalized message as to why you want to connect. Be strategic and intentional about who you connect with, and follow-up once they accept. Also consider joining or even starting your own group in LinkedIn to connect with like-minded professionals.

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